Kateboards Pinto II

Kateboards Pinto II

Great for cruising around, bombing hills, power slides, and more.

Housewife Skateboards Hairy Legged Stiletto Deck

Housewife Hairy Legged Stiletto 8.5″

When I saw this shape (“inspired by stiletto shoes”) I had to give this deck a try. While the product listing says it’s great as a cruiser, I didn’t think the pointy nose would actually get in the way of my limited bag of tricks. And it didn’t. Just pretend it’s a normal nose and […]

Street Plant Total Weirdo

I tried to do this Street Plant deck justice with a custom grip job! Setup Trucks Independent Stage 11 Standard 169s (9.125″) with a 1/8″ riser Wheels Powell-Peralta 56mm G-Slides

Meow Big Cat 8.25″ & 8.5″

The Meow Big Cat deck is probably my favorite skateboard graphic. I’ve had multiple Meow decks in 8.25″ and 8.5″, and they’re probably my all-around favorite popsicle sticks. Setup Trucks Independent Stage 11 Forged Hollow 149s (8.5″) Wheels Spitfire 54mm Conical Full Formula Fours, Ricta 54mm Clouds & Powell-Peralta 56mm G-Slides