Kateboards Pinto II

I’ve been spending more time on cruisers than popsicle sticks, and I just picked up a Pinto II from the latest Kateboards lineup. It’s described as an ”old-school pool board.” At 6”, the nose is big enough to be useful, but it’s about an inch shorter than a typical popsicle stick. It helps with ollies, but it’s a little small for nollies. (I get a lot of ghost pop, but I’m sure I will adjust.)

But it’s great for cruising around, bombing hills, power slides, and more (including bowls, I assume).

TrucksIndependent Stage 11 Standard 169s (9.125″) with a 1/8″ riser
WheelsPowell-Peralta 56mm G-Slides


KateBoards Pinto II




The old-school shape with mellow concave is perfect for cruising and bombing hills (and bowls, I assume). The nose is long enough to be useful. Rad 80s-style graphic. The optional branded grip tape is pretty nice, too.


It’s very much down to personal preference, but at first I wanted the nose to be just a bit more substantial. Then I got used to it.

Published on May 29th, 2022. Last updated June 2nd, 2022.