When I saw this shape (“inspired by stiletto shoes”) I had to give this deck a try. While the product listing says it’s great as a cruiser, I didn’t think the pointy nose would actually get in the way of my limited bag of tricks. And it didn’t. Just pretend it’s a normal nose and it will skate like one, for the most part.

The tail is fairly “square” and when combined with the sharp nose, the deck looks tapered, but it’s not. It measures exactly 8.5″ across both trucks.

Finally, this deck is really flat. It was the first thing I noticed when I stood on it. Unfortunately, the wood also feels flat. To me, it also felt a bit like skating on a plank of wood. I didn’t get much flex or pop from it.

I’m still giving this deck 4 stars because I suspect I just need to adjust to it. My last three decks were all from Meow, so I’ve got a lot of muscle memory for the Meow shape. Maybe it will just take some time to adjust.


TrucksIndependent Stage 11 Forged Hollow 149s (8.5″)
WheelsPowell-Peralta 56mm G-Slides


Housewife Skateboards Hairy Legged Stiletto 8.5"




At least with these wheels and trucks, it feels easier than usual to hold a manual.


The wood is just OK. The deck is really stiff, but it doesn’t have much flex or pop. When you land on it, it feels like jumping onto a 2x4.

Published on September 20th, 2020. Last updated December 1st, 2020.