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Kateboards Pinto II

Kateboards Pinto II

Housewife Skateboards Hairy Legged Stiletto Deck

Housewife Hairy Legged Stiletto 8.5″

Street Plant Total Weirdo

Meow Big Cat 8.25″ & 8.5″

Blog Posts

Building Skateparks for Girls

"Our maps indicate that, except in woman-only sessions, girls tend to stick to the edges of the space, often semi-concealed behind ramps or other barriers. Even expert girl skateboarders worried about being ‘in the way’ of others, something not mentioned at all by men."

The Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Pavement

If you spend most of your time street skating—or if your local skate park is closed due to a pandemic so you don’t have a choice—you might want to try different wheels for a smoother ride.

Girl Skate Cos. on The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast

When Nicole Abboud invited me to be on The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast, she asked about GirlSkateCos. We spent a few minutes talking about why I started this website, skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics, and more.

How to Set Up a New Skateboard Deck

If it is your first time setting up a new deck or helping a kid set one up, this video will get you through it!

How to Buy a Kid a Skateboard

Since everyone who knows me knows I skate, and since many people around my age (~40) have kids or know one, I get asked fairly regularly what skateboard they should buy for a kid. Here is the advice I give.

Support Woman-Owned Skateboard Companies!

When I decided I wanted to buy my next deck from a woman-owned company, I couldn’t find any up-to-date lists. So I made one.