GirlSkateCos on The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast

If you are just here for the skateboards, you may wonder why I’m linking to a lawyering podcast. Well, when Nicole Abboud invited me to be on The Gen Y Lawyer Podcast, she asked about GirlSkateCos. We spent a few minutes talking about why I started this website, skateboarding at the 2020 Summer Olympics, and more. It’s just about 6 minutes, and this link will take you straight to the skateboarding stuff, which starts at 43:36:

I also transcribed a bit of it below.

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How to Set Up a New Skateboard Deck

If you bought a kid a skateboard and it is starting to look beat to hell or a skater kid you know has a birthday coming up, it’s time for a new deck. While wheels, bearings, and trucks last for a while, decks usually last about 1–3 months, depending on how hard they are skated.

Plus it just feels awesome to stand on a fresh deck.

If it is your first time setting up a new deck or helping a kid set one up, this video will get you through it!

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